March 13, 2020


COVID-19: Our Harvest Donations

March 27, 2020

For years, KFCs across Canada have donated our unused chicken to local charities through our Harvest program in the more than 200 cities we call home, providing our communities with essential protein for balanced meals.

Many businesses, including our restaurants, have been impacted by the outbreak of COVID-19. With our restaurants facing reduced hours and temporary closures across the country, we’ve seen an increase in surplus chicken and of our fresh, quality food ingredients, and we’re working hard to prevent it from going to waste.

Through the capabilities of our long-standing Harvest program, we’ll be expanding our donation item list from our world-famous chicken on the bone to include popcorn chicken, tenders, Big Crunch fillets, lettuce, and tomatoes. In partnership with our long-standing community partners, we’ll work together to safely and efficiently deliver this unused food from our restaurants to those who need it most during this time.

Huge thanks to our community partners and, of course, our Team Members in our restaurants, who are working to help those in need through these uncertain circumstances. They’re real heroes.

Thank you for letting the Colonel cook for your families for nearly 65 years. In times like these, we appreciate the loyalty and support of our customers.

We know this is a difficult time for everyone, and KFC remains dedicated to doing our part.

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