How KFC Makes Our Chicken

When most people think of KFC, the number of 11 comes to mind. But our Finger Lickin’ Good chicken has nine important steps to make it – just like it did when the Colonel started out. Ready to get cooking?

Step 1: Get Preppin’ the Breadin’

Wash up and blend the flour + Colonel's original secret seasoning with the “scoop n’ fold”—and no, that’s not a southern two-step—it’s what we do to make sure the Original Recipe ingredients are evenly blended.

Step 2: Chicken Check

Look over the fresh chicken and only keep the pieces that meet the Colonel’s quality standards.

Step 3: Bath time

Now use a basket to dip your chicken in cold water to make sure that the famous breading will stick.

Step 4: Rock & Roll

Roll the chicken around in the basket seven times to get rid of any excess water.

Step 5: Hand Breadin’

Roll n’ toss the chicken in the breading ten times to make sure the chicken’s coated in that delicious herb n’ spice seasoning.

Step 6: Shake it Off

Holding one piece of chicken per hand, shake down firmly, then tap your wrists together gently to remove the excess breading.

Step 7: Set it Up

Arrange the chicken on a rack, making sure no pieces overlap. Always fold the wing tips to lock in moisture during cooking.

Step 8: Apply the Pressure

The pressure is (almost) on! Load the chicken rack into the pressure cooker.

Step 9: Tick, Tock

Set a timer and wait for the magic to happen. You’ll have that Finger Lickin’ Good chicken in 15 minutes.

“To me, my recipes are priceless.”

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