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Cookin’ KFC is as easy as 1,2,3...4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
School’s in! At the College for Chicken Knowledge we’re dedicated to teaching our cooks how to do things the hard way, just the way the Colonel did. That’s why every piece of our Original Recipe Chicken is hand breaded, then pressure cooked in small batches all day long. Because if our cooks are going to learn to do it, they’ve got to learn to do it right. Check out the whole KFC cooking process below.
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Preppin’ the Breadin’
After making sure your hands are washed and sanitized, get together the flour, salt, as well as the Colonel's original secret seasoning. Now do the “scoop n’ fold”—and no, that’s not a southern two-step—it’s what we do to make sure the Original Recipe ingredients are evenly blended.
Chicken Check Up
Look over the fresh chicken to make sure it’s up to the Colonel’s quality standards, discarding any pieces that are broken or bruised.
Bath Time
Now dip your chicken in cold water using a basket to make sure that famous breading will stick.
Rock n’ Roll
Roll the chicken around in the basket seven times to get rid of any excess water
Hand Breadin’
Roll n’ toss the chicken in the breading ten times to make sure the chicken’s coated in that delicious herb n’ spice seasoning.
Our Original Recipe’s 11 herbs n’ spices are top secret. In fact, they’re mixed in two separate places before being brought together, so no one will find out exactly what goes into making KFC so dang irresistible.
Shake it off
Shake and tap the chicken between your thumb and forefingers, holding one piece per hand. Shake down firmly, then tap your wrists together gently to remove the excess breading flour.
Set it Up
Arrange the chicken on a rack, skin side up, making sure no pieces overlap. Always fold the wing tips under the breasts to lock in moisture during cooking. Any good student knows perfectionism is a virtue.
Pressure Cookin’
Load the rack of chicken into the Colonel’s favourite back-to-school accessory: the pressure cooker!
Colonel Sanders started off by cookin’ up his chicken in a dutch oven, but quickly switched to the pressure cooker for its speed and tasty results. He patented his special method of cooking, which is still used to this day.
Tick tock, Tick Tock...
Ready for this? KFC chicken takes about 15 minutes to cook. (We told you we did things the hard way!) So, don’t be impatient now—set a timer and wait for the magic to happen.
Our chicken’s kept hot for a maximum of 90 minutes and many additional fresh batches are cooked daily. KFC is committed to providing fresh chicken, prepared in small batches every day.
And there you have it.
Now that’s some A+ chicken!
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